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Flexible Saddles have a unique, registered structure that is flexible in all directions.
The weight of the rider is distributed evenly. The shock absorption is better than in a hard-treed or treeless saddle.

Freedom of movement. A correctly chosen flexible saddle model adapts itself smoothly according to the horse. Itís common the horseís attitude to work will improve and he will move better than before.

What do Flexible Saddles feel like

Flexible Saddles are soft, firm and comfortable. They are generally more stable and secure than hard-treed saddles. This is because there is no rigid tree between you and the horse to work like a seesaw that throws you upwards when the horse moves his hindquarters. If you think of sitting on a piece of hard plank that reinforces every blow on a bucking, bouncing horse – or sitting on flexible, firm material that follows the horseís movement, youíll know the difference.
          Many riders say itís easy to handle sudden situations like bucks in a Flexible Saddle as you can feel the horseís movements on time, before itís too late. Even a big buck feels smaller as the saddle wonít reinforce its effect.
          Sitting on a horse with a big movement is pleasant when your seatbones will not get hit against a hard treed saddle on every step, but you can sit along with the movement seamlessly. It is the same thing as if you compare a car that has a good shock absorption system with an old-fashioned cart that has no such technology.
          Flexible Saddles are nice and easy to use also because they are light-weight.

©Johanna Mäkynen
There is a fitting Flexible Saddle available for every horse, rider and purpose. A carefully
chosen flexible saddle usually fits the horse month after month and year after year even
if the horseís shape changes. Flexible Saddles are nice and soft also on an older horse whose
tissues gradually become thinner and more vulnerable to rubbing and getting sore.

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