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Flexible and Trekker are
ecological and ethical choices.
We pay attention to the whole lifespan of the saddle.

Premium leathers

The saddles are made of German and Italian quality leather and lightweight Cordura. Numerous synthetic materials used in many other saddles today are often made in the Far East, sometimes with little control of what the environmental consequences are.

Especially thick quality leathers can be used for decades or even hundreds of years when properly cared for. Please keep your saddle clean and lightly greased. Do not use hot water or too much water.


The saddles are made in the E.U., with no child labour and under the regulations for the protection of the environment. Our saddles are manufactured by hand unlike many other labels. The energy consumption and the amount of waste are minimal.


The fact that a flexible saddle usually fits even if the horse changes shape, means one does not need not buy a new saddle to match every change. This means less consuming and less strain on the environment.

Quality control

Novelties are tested by professional riders. Every finished saddle is inspected by master saddlers. Quality is durable and therefore ecological.


Distances within Europe are short. No long transports back and forth, from continent to continent to ship materials or finished products. No costly intermediaries. Transport is concentrated and therefore energy-efficient. No excessive packaging is needed. Many other labels consume a lot of non-ecological plastic wrapping and packaging materials to protect the products during long transports and numerous unloadings and reloadings.